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The Last Outsiders (Fan-Fiction)

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The Last Outsiders (Fan-Fiction)

Mensaje por Sirius Moonglade el Jue Mar 20, 2014 7:23 pm

good morning people of England and the United States, today I came to bring my first fic, and I found it very unfair that only people who know the Spanish are the only one who can read, this fic is quite short, but I leave and I'll upload the others and if they do not read this will not understand the appearance of the other characters, well greetings, roars and comment costs nothing ...

Chapter 1 ... One fateful night
It was a stormy night, Zant , Blade and Moon and you desperate we escaped the rain and lightning.
_Hay To split to confuse. Luna said
While Zant Moon and went to hide in a cave , Blade and I had to keep running those three ferocious lions who never seemed to tire . When suddenly , lightning split our ways, as there was a big , burly downed tree, which had divided the path into two causing further separation between Blade and me. 

Chapter 2 ... The mysterious puppies
Amidst the storm, Simba watching the three shadows caused by the lightning of that storm , when suddenly, the fall of one of those shadows , which quickly drove Simba to help those three cubs was mysterious . The first had a strange mark on his shoulder, a dark lock and blue eyes that seemed to penetrate the mind of the king. The second had a clear and reddish fur and green eyes that reminded him somehow his uncle. The third was badly wounded , lucky to have survived , with closed eyes , a reddish coat and a strand with a fairly pure red tone.
_ How are they called? - Broke Simba silence that important question .
_Mi Name is ...
_No - interrupted the little lioness ' Tomorrow you 'll get answers , we are tired and want to rest, we have been running all night and now we want to relax , if you do not mind .

Simba , surprised by the strong response , said ...
_Claro , Rest , apparently in need, tomorrow we will heal the wounds of his friend and make a place more rock king.
Chapter 3 ... Knowing the herd
The next morning , the sky cleared as if nothing had happened, as all Kovu morning took his children Koda and Lara the pool to cool off and awake , but seeing that badly wounded puppy being dressed by Kiara and Nala, he could not help but ask ...
_ What that puppy ?
_Where am I? ! , And moon? , And Zant - woke up with a great shock the badly wounded puppy .
_tranquilo , your friends are right, now you are waiting outside Rock ...
The puppy without listening to Nala, she ran out to let your friends know that he was alive .
_ Where did those three puppies - Koda asked .
_ They are children helped your grandfather last night in the storm - . Said Kiara .
Lara, who was so outgoing approached the three strangers saying ...
Lara : _Hola , my name is Lara and his
Zant : I 'm _Yo Zant , she is Moon and is quieter Razor , which apparently remains concerned about not knowing where his brother is .
Lara : _ Where do they come ?
Moon: _ We're from the northern kingdom, but was brutally invaded by an evil lion named ...
Kovu : _Lara !
Lara : _I'm coming ! , Sorry my father called me .
Moon : _ so what, you will not say anything Razor.
Zant : _ Leave it, sure ah ' still unable to process the simple fact of being alive.
Razor was silent , nothing could make the talk , the simple fact of having survived this storm and attack and left him stunned, but have suddenly appeared in the southern kingdom , left him totally silent.
Kopa : _If will be , it would be good to train hunting with Kovu and other puppies.
Zant : _Vallamos , when did they start ?
Kopa : I _ as you rush me , puppies are on the way .
Razor: _ Thank you.
While this threesome started with Kovu , Kopa could not help but notice the scar on his shoulder Zant , looked familiar , reminded him hiding something dark memories.
Koda : _hey look, there are newcomers, they say give them the "welcome"
Mitch : _Jeje , come on.
While Koda , Mitch and Sam approached, Lara watched his older brother did not do anything bad to newcomers , but that did not prevent the conflict monitoring ...
Hey stranger, what happened ? , Is lost ? . Les and Mitch Koda repeated with complete sarcasm .
Razor: _not mess ! , You're the son of one of the kings does not make you untouchable.
Just hearing that Kovu did not hesitate to intervene in the discussion to avoid a fight .
Kovu : _Koda ! .
Koda : _ What if Dad?
Kovu : _Sígueme .
With a look of disappointment, took his son to the king's rock to talk seriously with him.
Kovu : _Estoy very disappointed in you , How could you be so rude to people and gives me more disappointment abuses of the past for people to discriminate ...

Chapter 4 New Friend ...
After a long talk , Koda returned with Mitch and went to play the prairies, when both spotted Razor Zant and Luna , who were talking with another unknown puppy. Without thinking for a second I both hid in a bush and began to listen .
Zant : _ where were you ? We had very worried , we thought you were dead.
Blade: _ was in the far reaches of the kingdom, hidden in an elephant graveyard .
Moon: _ Well the important thing is you're okay.
Blade: _ hear and what happens to Razor , to been very quiet .
Zant : _ if , what happens is that he was very concerned about your whereabouts and very upset by a lion than to state bugging .
Razor: _ that bastard , "look at me I'm Koda , believe me much because I am the heir to the kingdom," bah as I do not give me that crap .
Hearing that Koda was preparing to ram Razor , but could not because his sister Lara was amiss with them to talk.
Lara : _ hello, what do you say we go to the pool to cool off , wow wait, what about him who he is ?
Blade: Blade _ my name is , I'm the big brother of Razor , are you?
Lara : _ I'm lara, a pleasure, and good will we say ?
Blade: _ Wait , I hear something.
Blade hit a huge leap into the bushes , leaving ramming Koda and below it.
Lara : _ ? Koda , what are you doing here .
Koda : _ Dad sent me to call you, says we are late for class today .
Lara : _ oh yeah I almost forgot , come on guys , you too Blade, go.
The seven scurried toward the rock where the king Kovu gave classes to hunt.
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